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John Doe
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am a bondage artist, or at least try to be.
It's a special interest and I don't expect
everyone to share it.
If you don't like it, shrug and move on like
a mature person (that's why it is labelled
mature content).

Note, that I do NOT condone the discrimination
of females.
I strongly prefer the idea, that my works
depict well acted roleplay, meaning that no
one taking part in the scenarios does so against
her will. No matter how desparate they look.
Also, all the girls are at least 18 years old.



Bound, Gagged and Spanked
Oh no! This poor sub has been immobilzed and silenced really well, before she received a proper spanking... and it seems there will be a lot more of it! :evillaugh:

This picture is based upon an event I witnessed during a meeting with a group of bondage enthusiasts. A cute tied up girl received a cooperative, simulataneous spanking
and tickling treatment by a number of other participants. While it was all in consent, she screamed quite a lot. The whole scenery way tamer than the scene depicted here though,
she was fully clothed, not gagged, less tied up, etc... Anyway, for some reason I found it rather inspring and scribbled down a sketch of it, while taking some artistic freedoms ... :D

Here are some alternate versions:

Ball gagged:

Tape gagged and nose plugged:

OTN gagged:

A bit kinkier:

Ball gagged plus toys:

Tape gagged plus toys:

Tape gagged, nose plugged plus toys:

OTN gagged plus toys:
"Geklaut" (German for "Stolen")

Not long ago, I had the privilege to practice my tie up skills with the help of
a beautiful, young woman. While at it, we joked about me stealing (kidnapping) her.

I also made two quick sketches of her, but I wasn't satisfied with the results, thus I
decided to start from scratch to give the joke the complete artistic treatment it

D? if you see this, this is for you! Thank you!

P.S.: Here's an alternate version without glasses:
 Geklaut ohne Brille by GagSnob
Web of Ties
So I met with a group of BDSM regulars a bit ago, and the gentleman sitting next to me happens to be a really good bondage rigger. He shows me some fotos of his work, including a spiderweb-arm tie. As usual I have my drawing stuff with me. When I mention that I am looking for inspiration, he asks me what I'd make out of that web-tie. The first idea sticks: I expand the web into all directions.

Here, after many hours of work, the result!

A poor sub, seen from above in a complete spiderweb suspension. She's striktly gagged of course! Stupid fairy wings, because I can. :D


If you like my work, please look into my e-books. For more info look here:
Hi everyone,

I got a few questions for those you bought one or both of my e-books. I assume you mostly bought them for the pictures, but since I also included other contents, I'd like to know what you think about those.
Did you read the short stories? Did you like them? What do you think about the "fake ads"? Were they funny? Did they add to the experience?

Please let me know.

Gag Snob

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